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  • surveillance devices potentially used by the CBSAThe Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has installed equipment designed to record video and audio in Canadian airports (and possibly other ports of entry). This initiative appears to be based on the 2009 amendment to the Customs Act which allows for the creation of "Customs Controlled Areas" (CCA) to "combat organized crime and internal conspiracies". However, a CCA is only defined as an area where border services officers (BSOs) have the authority to examine goods and to question and search people. So is the bit about audio and video recording just an expensive effort to deter miscreant activity or is it a failure to respect the privacy rights of travelers that will only result in lengthy court challenges and a general distrust of Ottawa's future initiatives?
  • LinkedINSecurity Password Breach could be good for businessLinkedIn is "unable to confirm <this week's> breach" involving millions of user passwords but agrees that passwords belonging to "some" of their members may have been compromised. While this kind of evasiveness will not earn the publicly traded firm any sympathy, what LinkedIn fails to realize is that this breach is the ideal situation for them and comes at the right time, allowing them to gain publicity at a time when their competitors' stock is battered by regular shareholder expectations, giving them the opportunity to improve their aging code and security controls while other high profile breaches take their turn in the media spotlight.
  • Security and Privacy Blog: Statue of Alan Turing with Enigma MachineWhat? You didn't know? Well now you do. Alan Turing had/was/exhibited one of the greatest minds in computer science. To him we owe not just artificial intelligence but also modern computing (among numerous other ideas and innovations). And yes, he led the efforts to crack German Enigma codes that shortened WWII by two years and saved millions of lives (according to one Dwight D. Eisenhower). No doubt this level of of creativity, intelligence and impact guaranteed him a cushy post-war existence, right?...Well, that's not quite how things unfolded. (...)
  • 5 Things to look for in a good Web siteTrust is the new currency of the global economy. It makes or breaks sites while cementing the relationships upon which the strongest brands are built. By virtue of having so many facets, trust acquisition is almost an art, but we really do know that it's more of a science.
    As such, it relies on a lot of visual and support elements such as a clean and fast interface, clear language and inobtrusive opportunities for human interaction. But it's also about assurance, and the amount of perceived safety offered by a good site translates directly into the warm and fuzzy feelings that visitors want to take away and share.
    One site that offers such warm-fuzzies is Kiva...
  • Like a few other traditions, Easter has its followers and they're well represented by children whose innate desire to seek and find things is matched by the chocolate goodies hidden for their pleasure.
    But Easter Eggs take on a different meaning when it comes to software applications. They're fun little surprises tucked away in undocumented code and waiting for someone to trigger their launch sequence. For instance, the Google rotation roll that ensues once you type in "do a barrel roll" or any number of other hidden tricks....
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