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  • Are privacy and security matters of life and death?Security assessments are always interesting. I know, I do them all the time. You can never guess what you'll find when you're investigating a breach and a federal agency recently found that to be true.

    Human Resources and Skills Development Canada lost a USB key with personal information on some 5000 Canadians. As is the case with things you're looking for, those are precisely what you don't manage to find. While investigating the missing memory stick the agency discovered the disappearance of an entire hard drive containing personal information on more than half a million student loan borrowers.
  • LinkedINSecurity Password Breach could be good for businessLinkedIn is "unable to confirm <this week's> breach" involving millions of user passwords but agrees that passwords belonging to "some" of their members may have been compromised. While this kind of evasiveness will not earn the publicly traded firm any sympathy, what LinkedIn fails to realize is that this breach is the ideal situation for them and comes at the right time, allowing them to gain publicity at a time when their competitors' stock is battered by regular shareholder expectations, giving them the opportunity to improve their aging code and security controls while other high profile breaches take their turn in the media spotlight.

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