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  • Psst! Wanna be anonymous?Most of us find the vast expanse of the Web more than a little overwhelming, so we rarely have an opportunity to think about 'what else might be out there'.

    Most people are also vaguely aware of the existence of a rich universe of virtual worlds layered across the vastness of the Internet. These make it possible for millions of people to spend a significant portion of their time interacting in digital universes or collaborating across obscure academic, military or commercial networks.

    To those people, the rest of us exist on the surface. The clearnet - or surface Web - is more than a nickname. It's a hint as to how this abstract universe is stacked, digitally overlaid atop the ecosystems of the Deep Web whose secretive existence is made that much more intriguing by its diversity of names. Indeed much of what exists below the Web we know goes by nicknames such as Darknet, Undernet, hidden Web or Invisible Web.

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