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  • A passion for protecting the intangiblePeople often confuse information protection with IT security. One of the reasons I resist the compartmentalization of my craft  as IT security is that, as important as it is, IT security not only reduces the scope of my work by at least two-thirds, but it misses the point of what it means to truly enable protection for the intangible. It absolutely depends on people who are interested, educated and dare I say it, passionate. Security doesn't work without a high level of consistent human engagement. Privacy fails without passion and respect. In fact, nothing I can think of works well without a high degree of emotional investment.
    Why is this? Why can’t we systematize everything and build an app for it? Because we are dealing with a substance free from physical properties. Information is intangible, tasteless, colorless and for the most part, odorless. It is perhaps the most impactful of substances, driving world economies and impacting everyone on the planet on a very individual level. And so, our relationship with information is very personal and delicate. Although it doesn’t impact our senses the way a piece of cheese or silly putty do, it can assault our being and drive our existence in powerful ways. And yet, we can't touch it.

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