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KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Education

KnowledgeFlow CyberSafety Education
The online world has infiltrated our lives through smartphones, digital cable and numerous technologies that allow us to feel more connected and productive. Unfortunately technology can be exploited for good as well as evil, as evidenced by the large scale cyberfraud, massive privacy breaches and vast networks of organzed crime. From cyberbulltying to child abuse, from scams targeting seniors to corporate identity theft, the Internet is being poisoned by a criminal element that depends on lack of awareness to thrive.
KnowledgeFlow CyberSafety Education is Informatica's answer to these calamities. This initiative strives to help young people, seniors, educators and parents. With the right support & partnerships, we can restore the public's enjoyment and eliminate the public's fear of the Internet. KnowledgeFlow seminars are available in schools, community centres and libraries. Why not organize an event and Hack-Proof Your Community?

Healthcare Privacy: Reengineered



Following the successful launch in November 2011 of our collaborative project - with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario - entitled Privacy by ReDesign, A Practical Framework for Implementation. on
The Healthcare Privacy by ReDesign Project & Implementaton Guide A practical methodology based on proven project management best practices, Privacy by Design Principles and global standards for the delivery of privacy re-design, re-engineering and re-deployment in mission-critical, multi-threaded environments where personal health information (PHI) is the currency and time is of the essence.

The Koala Project

The Koala Project is a showcase of Informatica's abilities as a transformational change agent. It is a cloud-based application that allows site owners to remotely - even from mobile devices - monitor and administer their site's protective controls without even cracking open a laptop.
The security of the Web depends on weak links, and Koala(tm) stands at the crossroads of ease-of-use and innovation. This unique solution is trivially simple to understand and manage.

Untitled Book Project

Claudiu's next book

Following two exclusive publications for the SME and Enterprise markets respectively, Informatica Research and Informatica president Claudiu Popa are working on a new book this year. The topic will be released shortly and the publisher will be formally announced at that time. Stay tuned!..


The exchange of information in the modern context is conducted between two or more entities within three primary stakeholder groups: the private sector, the public sector, and private individuals. The interactions between these groups are often complex and are further influenced on a global scale by a broad range of issues including cultural diversity, political ideology, and diverging economic models. The challenge presented by open governance is to acknowledge the various legitimate constraints of these stakeholder groups while maximizing transparency and accessibility to support efficient multidirectional information exchange.

In assessing the openness of any organization, any proposed approach must therefore accommodate this multiplicity of environmental factors and provide a framework that respects the foundational principles of Open Governance.

This publication is at once an independent guide for open governance and open government practices. Moreover, it is a maturity assessment and confidential method for self-assessing against open governance best practices. This flexibility allows teams with a transformational openness mandate to get the direction and clarity they need to follow a calculated roadmap to measurable improvement.
Available from http://OPEN.InformaticaResearch.com and Amazon

Secure Crowdfunding Framework

The undeniable global economic impact of crowdfunding has created millionaires and facilitated the introduction of numerous innovations that wouldn't otherwise seen the light of day. The growth of this funding method owes as much to the proliferation of social media as it does to the failing health of economies around the world.
Along with this success there have been roadblocks and in particular, the challenges of legislative hurdles that have emphasized the inherent risk associated with this open way of doing business. The SCF was created to address risks to investors, entrepreneurs and platform suppliers as they strive to improve the way innovative projects are brought to market. This unique framework applies proven standards and offers an effective solution to a massive challenge.



The "Authoritative Source of Applicable Privacy Resources for Canadian Professionals" provides access to a broad, sorted collection of the most relevant documents available from Canadian Privacy Commissioners. All this high quality content - from usable checklists to videos - is available for free.
The Offices of the Privacy Commissioners routinely make available useful and authoritative content on all aspects of privacy. If you come across exceptional resources that should be included in the Privacy Library, tell us. From time to time, we will also be featuring interesting content on the site and we hope you make a point of visiting.www.PrivacyImpact.com.

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